In 1973 our family company was born. With the idea of creating and developing abrasive products for both automotive and construction industries, we have grown to become the leader supplier of abrasive stones for polishing marble and terrazzo in Venezuela.

Our company started out manufacturing fiber wheel flexible abrasives as well as Magnesite-based abrasive stones, but soon after developed new product lines to include several types of polishing stones, sandpaper and abrasive clothes.

Constant effort, innovation and our Italian heritage and technologies has allowed us to excel in quality standards and customer service, which has won us national recognition in the Venezuelan market as leaders in the abrasive and coating industry.

In 2010 we set a new goal, to expand and offer the same great products and services to clients in the Caribbean islands, South America and the United States.

SURECA US was born to serve those new markets. We started by offering our established brands and products while working in the developing of new product lines adapted to the necessities of each country, taking advantage of the know-how of a third generation family business combined with our innovative eagerness to keep offering our clients the best quality products and the best customer care.

What we do now...

We work hard to manufacture top-quality abrasive products, continuously innovating our production processes and management to deliver great value to our customers, employees, associates and community.

About Us

Where we want to get...

Our company has been in the abrasive business for over 40 years, manufacturing and selling the best products for grinding and polishing terrazzo and marble floors in the Venezuelan market. We want not only to continue doing so, but to improve and expand our abrasive product lines to adapt to more terrazzo, marble and other popular flooring solutions worldwide. We are a family business where new employees become new family members, and new customers become new friends.